Get Involved

The restoration work at Tawatawa Reserve is a community effort and we are always keen to hear from people who want to lend a hand.


We hold regular working bees every Saturday between 1pm and 3pm throughout the year, everyone is welcome! The work involves weeding, planting and repotting seedlings in the nursery – it can be physical work but we can work with all abilities. Check our Facebook page for regular updates on working bees and planting days.

We are also always happy to work with schools, businesses or organisations that would like to spend a day team-building or learning at Tawatawa. Please contact the SEA Chairperson if you’d like to organise a working bee for your group.


If you’d like to do your own little ecological restoration at Tawatawa, contact us about adopting a spot. You can be assigned a spot to weed, plant, water, mulch and take care of. Please contact the SEA Chairperson if you’d like to adopt-a-spot.

Weed while you walk

Weeds are one of the biggest threats to the work we do at Tawatawa. You can get familiar with Tawatawa’s pesky weeds here and help us by pulling them as you walk, and putting them in the bin on the way out. Getting them when they’re little, before they have had a chance to seed and spread, is really helpful.

Join the Southern Environmental Association

We’re a passionate bunch of people from all walks of life who welcome newcomers! Find out more about our work and how to join us here.

Make a donation

Our volunteers make Tawatawa what it is, but sometimes we need money for jam! Well, gardening tools, tracks and signage to be more specific. You’ll find our bank account details for donations on the Join SEA page.

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