Weeds of Tawatawa

Weeds are one of the biggest threats facing conservation efforts in New Zealand, and Tawatawa is no exception. Here are a few of the weedy foes to keep an eye out for.

If you see weeds at seedling stage while you’re walking around and enjoying Tawatawa, please remove and put in the landfill bin at the entrance of the Reserve.

Bigger infestations are tackled by Wellington City Council and volunteers. You can take a photo and log your observations with the app iNaturalist.

Another way you can help with Tawatawa’s weed problem is by weeding your own garden, especially if you live near to the reserve. Weeds are spread to nearby areas by wind, water and animals and don’t care about property boundaries.

Thank you to Weedbusters for use of their images, if you’re keen to be a part of the war on weeds, there’s plenty more on their website!