Tawatawa Reserve has a rich history and lots to explore.

Picture of Tawatawa Wetlands in 2021
About Tawatawa Reserve

Tawatawa is a nature reserve in South Wellington, owned by Wellington City Council, and being lovingly restored to native forest in partnership with the Southern Environmental Association. Find out how to get there, what to see and why it’s special.

About the Southern Environmental Association

Find out about the group behind the ecological restoration of Tawatawa Reserve.

Tawatawa’s history

Find out more about the history of Tawatawa Reserve.

Te Pouwhenua

Got to the top of the hill and wondered what the Pou was all about? Find out here.

Taonga of Tawatawa

There’s a great diversity of plants and animals at Tawatawa Reserve, here are just a few of the taonga you might see.

Weeds of Tawatawa

Weeds are one of the biggest threats facing conservation efforts in New Zealand, and Tawatawa is no exception. See our weedy hall of shame here.